Soenderjysk Canoe rental

Canoe rental on a wide river

Go on a different discovery through the Southern Jutland landscape.

From Løgumkloster to Marsken

A canoe trip in Southern Jutland is an experience that takes you out into the most beautiful nature of Southern Jutland. The canoe trip can be a family event, or it can be an event with friends, colleagues or even just yourself. Rent a canoe to Brede Å and sail one of the various routes found on Brede Å.

Trip 1 - 2 hours

Start in Ellum and sailing ends in Bredebro. A trip of approx. 7km.

Trip 2 - 4 hours

Start in Løgumgårde and move through 15 km. of a beautiful plantation and end in Bredebro.

Trip 3 - 2 days

2 days of sailing through the Southern Jutland countryside and marshy nature.

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Canoe rental Brede Å

All canoe rentals take place in Brede Å. The line runs from Nørre Løgum, just north of Løgumkloster and approx. 35 km to Diget in Ballum. The tour is for everyone and the pace is relaxed. For the experienced, you can try your hand with turn 4, which can be challenging in a good westerly wind.

Brede å is a river in Southern Jutland that is known, among other things, for its canoe rental options. You can either rent a canoe for a day or several days, depending on how far you would like to sail and for how long.

Canoe rental in Southern Jutland is incredibly easy to get to, just book here on the page or call

+45 31 53 11 78 to order your canoe. Once your booking has been recorded, the canoes will be delivered to one of the four starting locations, and will be picked up again when you have finished sailing.