How to do it: Getting back to your car after a day of canoeing

Sønderjysk Canoe rental.

After a great day on the water exploring nature and paddling along beautiful rivers and lakes, it's time to return to your car. But how do you do it in the most efficient and convenient way? This post will give you practical tips and advice on arranging transport back to your car after a day's canoeing.

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1. Plan the Transport in Advance:

  • The first step is to plan transportation back to your car before starting your canoe trip. Consider whether you need to arrange a shuttle service (Sønderjysk Kanoodlejning offers a transport service) or whether family or others can help you.

2. Share Transport Responsibilities With Friends:

  • If you are canoeing with friends or family, you may consider sharing the transport responsibility. One group can start the trip by placing a single car at the end point if you have 2 cars available.

3. Transport service from Sønderjysk Canoe Rental

  • If you don't have access to two cars or want a more convenient solution, consider hiring a shuttle service specifically designed for canoe rentals. These services can transport you and your canoes back to your starting point.

4. Consider paid bus transport for larger groups

  • When you reach a number of people where it is smartest to arrange a shared transport, you can make use of local transport options, such as e.g. private bus service. Here we can recommend Bingo Travel.

Ending: Returning to your car after a day of canoeing doesn't have to be difficult. With a little planning.