Tour 1 – 2 hours

Trip 1 - 2 hours

7.5 km 1.5 - 2.5 hours Difficulty: Easy

A trip down through Brede Ådal

The stream between Bredebro and Ellum has become wider and the water now flows more quietly through the stream. The trip is through a large area where you come through forest and beautiful meadows. Tour 1 is for those who want a less technical route, where the water flows quietly. The trip is ideal for everyone, but especially families with children, where it must be easy to manage. Trip 1 from Ellum is also our preferred trip, as the trip only takes 2 hours to sail, which in many cases fits perfectly in terms of sailing time.

Good to know: Tour 1 can also be sailed through another route from e.g. Løgumgårde to Ellum, if possible. have tried the trip between Ellum and Bredebro before. 

If it is your first time on the river, the trip between Ellum and Bredebro is clearly the best.

Safety first

The water in the stream is only deep in a few places, and many times you can sink to the bottom. Therefore, you still have to wear a life jacket, and it is included in the price.

We deliver the canoes

You don't have to worry about transporting canoes. We make sure that canoes are where they need to be when you need them.

You should be aware of

This tour does not have any official break locations.

The most popular tour

Trip 1 is very popular to sail on, especially because the trip is easy to navigate and the view is very beautiful.

From Start to Finish

You are now arriving at Ellum
The canoes are ready
The canoes may already be ready at the starting point and you just have to put them in the water.
The canoes are put in the river and now you just have to enjoy 6.5 km of canoeing.
Arrival in Bredebro
You have now sailed the trip and you arrive at Bredebro.
You call the driver
When you have reached the water, call our driver and we can pick up your canoes again.
This is how you can pay

You can pay online through our website, or choose to pay in cash on delivery.


If you have any questions about the trip or about renting canoes, don't hesitate to contact us.

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